Steis v. Steis

Ronald Steis, M.D. (Husband) and Jane Steis (Wife) married in 2000 and filed for dovirce. Husband filed a motion for partial summary judgment seeking a ruling that certain property acquired during the marriage was his separate property under the terms of the parties’ prenuptial agreement, and thus was not subject to equitable division. Specifically, Husband claimed as his separate property his salary from employment as an oncologist earned during the marriage and the parties’ jointly titled bank accounts, investment accounts, and real property, all of which he asserted were acquired with his salary. The trial court denied Husband’s motion, and the Supreme Court granted his application for an interlocutory appeal. After careful review of the parties arguments on appeal, the Supreme Court found no reversible error and affirmed the trial court's judgment. View "Steis v. Steis" on Justia Law